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  • How Do I heat my pudding?
    Delattie Special Occasions puddings are fully cooked. Preferred method, - remove from calico and pierce the vacuum sealed bag a few times with a fork and reheat the whole pudding on medium setting for 60 seconds per 500gm or individual slices (100gm) for about 30 seconds. Check during reheating to avoid overheating as all microwaves are different. These settings are based on a 1000W microwave. If your pudding is in a plastic oven proof pudding bowl, remove the lid and heat as above or place in a 130 degree oven for 20 minutes. (again - being careful not to overheat it) method 2 - place vacuum sealed pudding into boiling water for approx. 30 minutes per 500gm Place on a serving plate and serve - warning contents will be hot.
  • How do I serve my Pudding
    Cold, warm it's your choice. My mum loves to slice it and fry the slice in butter on the stove top. Accompaniments can be Custard, dollop of double Cream, brandy sauce, vanilla bean icecream, chocolate sauce - it's really your choice. My favourite is custard, as there is plenty of brandy in the pudding.
  • Do you have Gluten free options?
    Yes, we do! we take allergies very seriously. Our Chef is also a first responder and understand anaphylaxis very well. All our Gluten free products are baked using separate equipment and the kitchen is closed for 10 days before a bake to ensure there is no Gluten in the air. Our Gluten free puddings even have our own gluten free bread that we break down for the puddings.
  • Do you have Vegan options including Dairy free?
    Yes, we do, Delatite Special Occasions have a biscuit pudding and fudge range. Delattie Special Occasions takes dietary requirements seriously and we can ensure our Allergy and Vegan range has no traces of animal products or dairy.
  • Are your ingredients Australian?
    Delatite special Occasions puddings are 99.9% Australian, with the exception of some spice not available here in Australia. Our fresh fruit comes locally from the Goulburn valley, and our own fruit trees, the Eggs come from our own poultry, the bread is bake by us and broken down for use. Where possible the ingredients are sourced locally. Our Biscuits are the same - all Australian ingredients. Fudge - some of our chocolate is not Australian, however we do use Nestle and Cadbury Chocolate.
  • Are your products made in a factory?
    No, they are made in our commercial kitchen which is on site on our property in the high country. All our products are lovingly made by April and by hand. ensuring quality and taste is maintained. Every ingredient included is inspected by me. Trust me, l am very picky when it comes to food quality.
  • Why should I buy Delatite Special Occasions products
    For me, making Christmas Puddings is all about tradition, the rich plump fruit, creamy fudge (no kettle fudge here), yummy biscuits (with a warning one is never enough 😀 ) Tasty allergy free products, macarons and more - if its a sweet treat you are after we have it. It's not just us saying it, with gold, silver and bronze medals from Royal Hobart fine food awards, Sydney fine food awards and Australian fine food awards, all saying our products are worthy of those medals.
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